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Change to Evening Walk 10th June

The walk begins at 7.30.   Venue is Briarwood housing Estate, Bray. 

The meeting point is at a housing estate called Briarwood. This is situated beyond the top of the Vevay Road, very close to the Boghall Road and also to the roundabout situated at the Greystones end of the Southern Cross Road. This roundabout gives options to go to Greystones via Windgates. 

Basically Briarwood is on the lefthandside as you leave Bray and head for Greystones and lies between Southern Cross and Boghall Roads. 

Another landmark almost opposite Briarwood is the old Dell site.

There is parking available at Briarwood : as you enter the estate, immediately turn left and there are a few spaces there.  There is plenty more parking within the estate itself. 

The walk does not require boots but it would be easier to have them. There is a gentle ascent and a good deal of flat walking. 

It is a grade C and will last no longer than 90 minutes. 

Fiona Burke


robert -- Tue, 07/04/2015 - 15:09

D Walks Supplement

The supplementary list of D walks, which will be published as a separate sheet had now been added to the list of walks for May to August 2014 which is available online for members.

robert -- Wed, 16/04/2014 - 20:53

Swap Dates A 25Jan & 8 Feb

The walks on the 25 January ( Jill ) and  8 February (Geraint) have been swapped around from that shown on the walks card.

The online Walks program shows the changed plan. In addition the walk start time and location has been changed to 10.00 BSF and Crone CP.


robert -- Sun, 19/01/2014 - 15:21


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