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Major Website Updates

On 11th December I updated the CHA website.

The main reasons for the update were that the software being used to support the site had a major release upgrade ( Drupal 6 to 7) and this afforded the opportunity to change the whole underlying template of the site to a new one ( Omega for techies ) that allows a much more friendly design approach for mobile phone and similar devices.

I did try keep a very similar look to the 2010 version of the site, but there may be a few glitches and variations. (More details below)

The changes you should notice are that the site adapts itself to the size of the screen being used to browse the site. You can see this change if you shrink the window size the browser uses. To conserve costly bandwidth, the banner picture is not sent down to mobile devices. Mobile devices are shown much more practical text oriented information on the opening pages, but the photo gallery is still completely available to be accessed if required.

Those of you with wide screen laptops or PCs with 1200 pixel or more width will now see a wider picture at the top. Because of the need for a different picture format there are now two different sets of photographs in use between the wide screen and narrower screens. There are fewer suitable for the full width screen.

Please do let me know of any problems or glitches that you notice. I'll still be picking through the site looking for snags over the next day or two.

Happy Christmas to you all.


robert -- Sun, 11/12/2011 - 16:43

Member's Own Photo Galleries

A new facility has been added for signed-up members.
We now have a page with links to gallery pages that members have on the internet.
Sign in now and click on 'Members Photo Galleries' in the 'Member Only' column on the right hand side..
These include Mary's Saalbach, Trevor's Portugal and Roya Valley and Jill's Galtees and Rambler's Austria. Enjoy

robert -- Fri, 14/10/2011 - 15:21

Added Walk Alerts

A block had been added to the left hand side column to highlight walk alerts on the front page of the site. When there are no outstanding alerts there will be no block there.

Items are added to this block when a 'Story' has been added with 'Walk Alerts' selected in the Interests selection. Items will stay there until 30 days older than the 'Authoring Date' or have had their 'Publishing Options' state of 'Promote to Front Page' set off.

Members who have signed up for access to the site can add their own news items and Walk Alerts. They can also add comments to any existing news items.

robert -- Thu, 18/08/2011 - 15:01


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