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Member's Own Photo Galleries

A new facility has been added for signed-up members.
We now have a page with links to gallery pages that members have on the internet.
Sign in now and click on 'Members Photo Galleries' in the 'Member Only' column on the right hand side..
These include Mary's Saalbach, Trevor's Portugal and Roya Valley and Jill's Galtees and Rambler's Austria. Enjoy

robert -- Fri, 14/10/2011 - 15:21

Keeping the Flies at bay on the Hills!

Paddy Duggan heard of this Canadian remedy via Karen Woods, Dublin Mountains Partnership:

Ingredients: One part Listerine One teaspoon of lemon-flavoured washing-up liquid Four parts water

Mix together in a spray bottle and use liberally. You can spray it on yourself, or around where you are sitting/eating. "It's the ONLY thing that REALLY works"

John Breheny -- Tue, 30/08/2011 - 20:39

Added Walk Alerts

A block had been added to the left hand side column to highlight walk alerts on the front page of the site. When there are no outstanding alerts there will be no block there.

Items are added to this block when a 'Story' has been added with 'Walk Alerts' selected in the Interests selection. Items will stay there until 30 days older than the 'Authoring Date' or have had their 'Publishing Options' state of 'Promote to Front Page' set off.

Members who have signed up for access to the site can add their own news items and Walk Alerts. They can also add comments to any existing news items.

robert -- Thu, 18/08/2011 - 15:01

Web Text Alerts for 'A' Walks

Web texting allows a text message to be sent to a number of recipients very quickly and easily. I used it to great effect to update people about my on/off walk in January which was eventually cancelled.

I now have on my web text data base 23 names and numbers of people who regularly attend 'A' walks. If a leader of an 'A' walk needs to contact people about any aspect of their walk, all they need do is to contact me. You can send details to me at jilla%@% > and I will circulate the group with their message. This takes only the time to cut and paste the message, and costs me nothing so I would encourage you all to use the facility without hesitation.

Please contact me if you would like to be included but are unsure whether your name is on my list. I would also encourage anyone who occasionally comes on 'A' walks, or who is considering coming along in the future, to add your name and number to the data base.

If leaders of other grades of walks are interested in setting up a similar system I would be very happy to advise!



Jill Steer -- Sat, 24/04/2010 - 19:55

CHA Dublin/Belfast Joint Annual Outing, 2010

This year, it was Dublin CHA's turn to organise the joint outing with our Belfast comrades, which took place on SATURDAY, 8th MAY. The venue chosen this year was the Boyne valley. The two groups (49 from Dublin and 32 from Belfast) met at the Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre at Oldbridge. After visiting the Centre, we had lunch together in the picnic area before walking through parts of the battlefield. The weather was perfect for strolling but turned into a warm, sunny afternoon. Afterwards we walked along the banks of the river begtween Slane and Navan. A guided tour of Navan was also on the agenda for those not interested in walking, but on such a beautiful day there were few takers for this option. Later, we had a fine meal together in the Newgrange Hotel. A grant towards the cost of the outing has been awarded from the Reconciliation Fund, administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs, for which were are very grateful.

John Breheny -- Thu, 18/03/2010 - 20:15

CHA 'A' Walk Cancelled, 9.1.2010

For the first time in several years, there was no 'A' Walk on 9th January, 2010. In the past, when weather conditions prevented the completion of the programmed walk, alternatives were usually found. The latest example of this was on 2.1.2010, when the planned starting point was inaccessible due to snow and ice. An enjoyable alternative (Bray Head + Little Sugarloaf) was enjoyed by seven hardy stir-crazy souls. Three 'B' walkers also managed to complete most of their programmed walk on the Sugarloaf.
But on 9.1.2010 CHA finally threw in the towel as heavy snow set in at 8a.m.
How is Jill going to live this one down!!!

John Breheny -- Sat, 09/01/2010 - 09:08

Mince Pies Night, 14.12.2009

Nearly 60 members attended this annual social evening in Monkstown. Before stuffing ourselves with a great selection of pies (both home-baked and shop pies), Tony White showed us two films from his Anto Bianco studios:
The first was a record of a CHA walk led by Paddy Duggan last spring during which he planted a wooden cross in the Corribrack mountain at the site of a fatal crash by a small plane enroute from Gloucester to Kildare in 2008, when all four on board died.
The second film retated to a walking holiday in the Dolomites by a group of CHA members in 2008.
At the end of the evening, surplus pies were collected by Cherry, to be passed on to the Simon Community.

John Breheny -- Wed, 06/01/2010 - 20:14

Social Evening, 15th February 2010

At our regular venue in Monkstown at 8.00p.m.,there was a double-bill:
(i) Two representatives from Keep Ireland Open (of which CHA is a group member)gave a presentation about KIO's policies regarding access etc., and answered members' questions.
(ii) CHA member Canon Billy Marshall gave a fascinating talk about his experiences as a missionary in India in the 1960s illustrated with slides.
Rosaleen provided refreshments for an attendance of 45.

John Breheny -- Wed, 06/01/2010 - 19:53


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